Rameshwar Temple Old Kaygaon Aurangabad


On the bank of Godavari-Pravara Sangam.

Ancient Rameshwar temple

Ancient Rameshwar temple is located on the border of both districts on Nagar-Aurangabad highway, on the bank of Godavari-Pravara Sangam.

The story of this temple in short is that when Kanchan was chasing the beast, Lord Ramchandra comes to the present Godavari-Pravara Sangam near the gate of Ahmednagar – Aurangabad districts, Lord Ramchandra Kanchan separates the head lesson of the beast.

The place where the head of the beast fell is now called extreme, while the place where the tree fell is considered as Kaygaon. There are many beautiful temples of Mahadev in these two villages. Among them this is a Rameshwar temple in Kaygaon.

It is believed that Lord Ramchandra has established the Shivlinga in this temple by himself. Even though the design of the temple is ordinary like semi tent, synagogue and womb, it is eye touching.

Though the temple is small, its sculpture definitely attracts the beholder. This place is considered very sacred for Dashakriya ritual. People from Aurangabad, Ahmednagar, Pune etc. come here for Dashakriya ritual.

Source : Facebook/Rohan Gadekar

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