Pushyamitra Sunga Is A Highly Underrated Figure Of The Indian History


Highly Underrated Figure Of The Indian History

“Sone ke Chidiya”

Pushyamitra Sunga is a highly underrated figure of the Indian History.

The land of India has been cultivated by the blood of many bravehearts. This was the reason why India was known as the “Sone ke Chidiya” .
Acharya Chanakya made Chandragupta Maurya the Maharajadhiraja of Magadh and fulfilled his dream of Akhand Bharat. Chandragupta Maurya was a very powerful and a brave warrior and under him, India reached new heights. India was at its peak during Mauryan Empire( again reached its peak during Gupta Empire but for now it is not related to the topic).

After Chandragupta Maurya and Bindusara’s reign, Mauryan Empire finally came into the hands of Samrat Ashoka. He was a very brave, great and a fierce warrior, who was very cruel and had a change of heart after his brother Vittashoka was killed in a revolt(not after Kalinga war. He was already a Buddhist four years before Kalinga War, some leftists spread false history to show Hinduism in a bad light). He had even killed over eighteen thousand Ajivikas in Bengal after Kalinga War.

After his brother’s death, he decided not to fight any more warriors and this decision of his was the main reason due to which the Mauryan Empire collapsed. The sucessors of Ashoka were not capable enough to rule over such a vast empire.

Ashoka though one of the greatest warriors is overrated nowadays. Peace is not the perfect way to rule over such a vast empire. He wasted a lot of wealth in preaching Buddhism and this even put a strain on the treasury of the Mauryans.

Since Buddhism was at its peak, the soldiers too lost their touch of fighting battles and neither was their king Brihadrath(last Mauryan king) capable.

There is nothing wrong in Buddhism and non-violence is morally a very high stance but unlike India , other countries (especially Greeks) were not following Buddhism and hence they had not given up violence. Though Indians had forgotten how to fight , but foriegners had not. If we look at this with a national outlook, then we can clearly understand that this step had made India militarily a weak nation.

Seeing an oppotunity Greeks attacked and captured Sindh and had again started invading India. Most of the Indian kings had lost their fighting spirit and were finding it difficult to repel the Greeks.

Greeks were attracted to the economy of India and India lacked someone who would give up peace and fight the Greeks. Then a powerful warrior was born who chose sword over peace. His name was Puhsyamitra Sunga.

He killed the Mauryan Emperor Brihadrath and laid the foundation of Shunga Dynasty. He was the one who revived the Vedic Dharm. He attacked the Greeks and defeated them . He forced them to flee from India. When India was in danger of the foriegn invasions , only Pushyamitra Sunga was the one who stood up and fought off the Greeks.

Pusyamitra Sunga was born on 184 BCE. At the time of his birth , Brihadratha was the ruler of Magadha. Brihadratha had accepted Buddhism , and he wanted peace. He did’nt like to fight wars. Pushyamitra Sunga was the commander-in-chief of Brihadratha’s army. He was a warrior at heart and loved his motherland dearly.

But at that time the Greeks had attacked Sindh and had occupied it. The Greeks included the Buddhists in their army by saying that their king would accept Buddhism , if they managed to conquer India. The Buddhists also gave shelter to the Greeks and betrayed the Mauryans.

When Brihadratha got the news of this , he was casual about it and left everything on time. He did’nt take any necessary steps to prevent the Greek invasions.

This angered Pushyamitra Sunga and he went against the order of the king. He attacked the Buddhists and captured 300 Greeks from there. He beheaded each of them and captured the Buddhists and brought them before Brihadratha, but instead of applauding him, he banished Pushyamitra from his court. Then Pushyamitra Sunga and Brihadratha got into some heated argument , in which Brihadratha attacked Pushyamitra and in return Pushyamita killed him and sent him to Yama’s adobe and announced himself as the Samrat.

Then Pusyamitra Sunga started training his inactive army and transformed them into warriors. Then he marched towards the west and attacked the Greeks and drove them out of India. The Greeks under Minander and Demetrius fled from the battlefield.

Meanwhile the son of Pushyamitra , Agnimitra attacked Yagyasena , the king of Southern India and captured him. He revived the Vedic Dharma and spread it to all parts of India. He did’nt have hatred for the Buddhists as is the popular notion. He attacked only those Buddhist kings , who were inactive. He destroyed many Buddhist stupas to awaken the Indians. Even a Buddhist Nun Bhagwadi Kaushiki lived in his palace and he took good care of her.

He performed three Ashwamedha Yajnas and proclaimed himself as the Samrat. He ruled for 36 years and to a large extent improved the defence and economy of Magadha.

The sources which say that he had announced hundred gold coins for one head were written around 200–300 years after his death, so they cannot be considered reliable.

Source : Facebook/सनातन धर्म

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