One Of The Greatest Warrior – Tanaji Malusare


On 4 Feb 1670 we lost one of the greatest warrier.

Maratha Empire

Tanaji Malusare

On 4 Feb 1670 we lost one of the greatest warrier.

Tanaji Malusare was knight and chidhood buddy of Shivaji Maharaj. He was fearsome warrior. He played pivotal role in Afjal khan campaign. He massacred Afjal Khan’s force in Jungle of Jawali. He leads successful campaign against local warlords of Kokan like Dalavi of Pali, Surve of Shringarpur in bottom Kokan regions. He administered same region as Subhedar. He oversaw administration of Sindhudurg construction.

After destruction of Kashi Vishwanath by Aurangzeb, Shivaji maharaj broke all treaties with mughal empire and declared all out war with Mughals. He decided to start campaign with fort Kondhana. He want to capture the fort in surgical strike manner by avoiding seige. Same time Tanaji came to Rajgad to invite him for wedding of his son. Shivaji maharaj told him he can’t attend wedding because of he was personally going to lead this campaign. Tanaji got furious with this, as a friend of Shivaji Maharaj he asked “why you are risking your life when Tanaji is alive.

Give responsibility to me and I will give you Kondhana. आधी लगीन कोंढण्या च,मग माझ्या रायबा च” ( There will be wedding with Kondhana first after then wedding of my Son Rayba). Shivaji Maharaj unable to refuse his buddy and he perfectly knows Tanaji will never give up and will come victorious with flying colors. He deputed him on this campaign.

Tanaji Malusare,his brother Suryaji and uncle Shelar Mama with brave 500 Mawala started this campaign. Kondhana was under mughal dominion administrated by an Rajput commander Uday Bhan with 1500 force,who have fearsome reputation. He was tough warrior who can bend rod of steel by hand. Tanaji knows that fort is well secured and all sentries are on alert constantly. He choose less secured path because it was vertical ascend of approximately 500+ feet. It was nearly impossible to climb that feature hence it was less secure. It was decided that Tanaji will ascend that feature with 100 Mavala and they will open the doors for rest of the force commanded by Suryaji and Shelar Mama. Tanaji had a pet monitor lizard called as Yashwanti who first climbed the feature and tanaji followed back with rope attached to it. All mavala force had climbed that feature.

They started battle and proceeded to open doors for rest of the force. Battle progressed, By seeing no maratha is able to counter Uday Bhan, Tanaji takes him head on. Both warriors are equal powered,same skilled fought like lions.

Uday Bhan destroyed shield of Tanaji but he fought by wrapping his turban on other hand as shield. Both made a deadly strike on each other at same time and both fallen on each other hand. By seeing Tanaji has fallen, mavala starts to run but Suryaji made damage control. He gave severe tongue lashing to the mavla force so they decided to fight back. Maratha emerges victorious at the end. Shivaji Maharaj visited the fort on next day but strucked with grief by loss of dear friend. He quoted “ गड आला पण सिंह गेला” ( We got fort but lost Lion). He renamed Kondhana fort as Sinhgad in memory of Tanaji. Shivaji Maharaj and Jijamata had taken responsibility of his son’s wedding and both attended the guests of wedding personally to honour Tanaji.

Jai Bhavani Jai Shivaji 🚩🚩🙏

Source : Facebook/सनातन धर्म

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