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The structure is named Mahanavami Dibba

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The structure is named Mahanavami Dibba owing to its usage during the Vijayanagara period.

The excavations in this area here have revealed many secular structures. In Kannada language Dibba means a mound. Since this structure was hidden underneath a mound, it came to be called Mahanavami Dibba.

It was on this elevated platform, the king along with his royal family members used to sit and watch festivities during the ten day long Dasara festival. Different cultural functions were held in front of this platform, a fact attested by both indigenous and foreign literary sources.

The platform raises from the ground level and tapers in pyramidal form. On top of the structure a square open platform is noticed and traces of pillar sockets are found. These evidences indicate that this area had a superstructure, probably built of wood. Presumably these supported massive wooden columns that were burnt when the city was destroyed and sacked after the Battle of Talikote…..

Dominating the entire enclosure is a square, multi – stage platform that occupies the northeast corner, one of the highest points in this zone, and from which there is a fine panoramic view of the royal centre. They are covered with shallow reliefs illustrating a full range of royal activities carved in a rudimentary but vigorous style that is unique in the art of Vijayanagara.

Here kings care depicted giving audience, watching wrestling matches, hunting deer and stabbing leopards. Foreigners with pointed hats, most likely Central Asian Turks, lead horses, hold clubs and play tambourines. Lines of elephants, horses and camels, and yali, make an appearance. Along with this Courtly Dancers, Musicians, Warriors and lifestyle during the Vijayanagara era are also depicted on the walls.

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