Mahadji Shinde – The Great Maratha


The golden page in the history of India

Maratha Empire

Today is the 287th death anniversary of Mahadji Shinde.
Mahadji Shinde is the golden page in the history of India, known as The Great Maratha. In a contemporary letter, Mahadji Shinde is mentioned as ′′ Patil Baba I am giving a similar letter below.

The nationalism of Maratha was spread across India like a burning plot by Shinde Holkar. This letter is about Mahadji Shinde and nationalism of Marathas, this letter also mentions ′′ Lahore ′′ which is currently in Pakistan –

Letter written by Govindrao Kale to Fadnavis
′′ The Arrest River’s recent South Sea Paveto is the place of Hindus – not Turukasthan – this was its limit from Pandavas to Vikramaditya. The rulers left behind it. Yavan’s dominance came.

After that, Shivaji Maharaj, the residents of Kailas, went on to keep the power of Shakarte and religion. Nowadays, after the virtue of the rich, all the (states) came to the house due to the wisdom and swords of Rajshree Patil Bawa (Mahadji Shinde). If a Muslim did this, there would have been big investigations (advertising). If there is a good thing like a triple in the Yavana caste, it should be compared with the sky; If our Hindus have so much sky, it is a trick not to pronounce it.

(Due to Mahadji Shinde) strange things happened. Came home after wiping out the wealth… It is said that the infidelity has gone in the minds of the Yavans. But those who lifted their veins in North India, their heads were broken by Patil baba….
On top of this, this crowd and this army should be in the field of ‘Lahore’, their monsoon should run, wait, watch the spectacles….”

India’s boundaries in Maratha’s mind for the last hundreds of years are very clear. Marathas wanted to build Hindustan like river in north, sea in south and Lahore in west. Today’s India is a dream seen and brought to reality by Mahadji Shinde. The part where the Maratha horse taps reached is in India today. The remaining part is in Pakistan.

Source : Facebook/अहद तंजावर तहद पेशावर अवघा मुलुख आपुला

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