I Am Narmada


Narmade sarvade

Namami Devi Narmade

I am narmada When Ganga was not there, I was still there. Even when there was no Himalaya, I was also there. Civil civilization did not develop on my edges.
Dandakaranya was full of dense forests on both my sides. Due to this, Arya could not reach me. I remained the boundary line of Aryavarta for many years. In those days Uttarapath used to end on my coast and Dakshinapath started.

There was no civil culture like Mohenjodaro on my coast, but there was a wild culture. In my coastal forests, there were ashrams of many sages like Markandeya, Kapil, Bhrigu, Jamadagni etc. The smoke of the Yajnavidis here hovered in the sky. The sages said that austerity should be done only on the banks of Narmada.

One of these sages named me “Reva”. Rev means to jump. When he saw me jumping in the rocks, he named me “Reva”.

Another sage named me “Narmada”. “Narm” means Anand. A river of pleasure.

I am one of the seven major rivers of India. I only have importance after Ganga. The Puranas do not have as much written on me as any other river. The “Rewakhand” of Skandpuran is completely devoted to me.

“The Puranas say that the virtue, which I get by taking a bath in the Ganges, is found only by my darshan.”

I was born in Amarkantak. I flow west. My flow base is rocky land. Primitives live on my coast. I have always fought hard in my life.

I am one, but my forms are many. When the torrential rain falls on the rain, in the summer I just keep on breathing.

I am the fall of Bahulya river. Kapil Dhara, Doodhara, Dhavadikund, Sahastradhara are my main falls.

Omkareshwar is the main shrine of my coast. Maheshwar is the ancient Mahishmati. The ghats there are among the best ghats in the country.

I dedicate myself to the Arabian Sea in Bharuch (Bhrigukchha).

I remembered.

What a modest start I made in Amarkantak. Even a child used to cross me there, but here my party is 20 km wide. It is difficult to decide where is my end and where is the beginning of the sea? But today my form is changing. My coastal areas have changed, many dams are being built on me. It is annoying for me, but when I see famine-stricken, thirsty people, animals plaguing for fodder, barren fields, I cry. I am the mother at last.
Dams built on me will meet their requirements. Now the thirst of the earth will be quenched. I will make the land dry. This work gives me an inner satisfaction.

Skinny Pankajam, Namami Devi Narmade …
Narmade sarvade

{Amritsya Narmada}

Source : Facebook/Swapnil Kabra

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