He Was Inspired By A Dream Of A Celestial Vehicle


A Local Jain Businessman Named Darna Shah Was Determined To Build A Beautiful Temple

Celestial Vehicle

In the 15th century, a local Jain businessman named Darna Shah was determined to build a beautiful temple after he was inspired by a dream of a celestial vehicle.

He called many renowned artists and sculptors to submit their plans and designs for the temple, but none of them matched the beauty he saw in his dream. Then, an architect named Deepak from Mundara presented a plan in front of Darna which profoundly impressed him.

Deepak was a very carefree artist; he was someone who would prefer poverty if it came with serenity. He was deeply touched by the devotion of Darna and promised to create a temple which would prove to be as beautiful as Darna’s dream.

He approached Rana Kumbha, who was the king of the province then, for land to build his building. Not only did Rana provided him with the land but he also advised Darna to create a town near the temple.

The construction of the temple started in 1389 and it continued till 1458 CE. However, a different source mentions that the construction continued until 1496. According to the audio guide provided to the tourists at the temple, it took 50 years to be completed and approximately two thousand seven hundred and eighty-five workers were involved. The temple and the town were named Ranpur after the name of King Kumbha Rana. Ranpur is also popularly known as Ranakpur.

This temple was even invaded by the Mughals and was once used as a home for dacoits. After a few years, it was re-discovered as made as a tourist attraction for everyone to see.


Source : Facebook/Manish Hans

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