Chausath Yogini Temple in Morena Madhya Pradesh



Chausath Yogini Temple

Another aspect of Indian architecture, advancement and glory that has been deliberately hidden from us.

The pictures are of Chausath Yogini Temple in Morena (Madhya Pradesh).

The Chausath Yogini Temple, Morena, also known as Ekattarso Mahadeva Temple, is an 11th-century temple located in Morena district in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It is one of the few well-preserved Yogini temples in the country. The temple is formed by a circular wall with 64 chambers and an open mandapa in the centre, separated by a courtyard which is circular in shape, where Shiva is deified.
In early 1900s, Edwin Lutyens visited this temple, and he used the design of this temple for the Parliament of India. Unfortunately, neither he, nor any of our subsequent historians/intellectuals even cared to mentioned “Chausath Yogini Temple”.

It was spread for decades with impunity that the Indian Parliament is a masterpiece of Lutyens. They knew that if they glorified the “Temple” and our advancement in architecture & construction, Indians may develop a sense of self pride, something that the then ruling dispensation and the bunch of historians resisted at any cost. Hence, no mention of this temple was ever officially made.

Look at the structure.
Look at the pillars.
Look at the inner and outer facade.
Our parliament is a mere copy of this temple.
This temple was built around 1050 AD,
Almost 900 years before our Parliament.

The design of the temple has withstood earthquake shocks, without any damage to its circular structural features, in the past several centuries. The temple is in the Seismic Zone III.

This fact was cited when the issue of safety from earthquake effect of the Parliament House which is also a circular structure, whose design is taken from the Chausath Yogini Temple, was debated in the Indian Parliament.

So next time, don’t praise Lutyens. Praise our ancestors who had designed and constructed these wonders centuries ago.

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