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The Girnar Parvat – Junagadh

  The Girnar Parvat Girnar Rock Inscriptions And The Stories They Tell The Girnar Parvat or Mount Girnar is the tallest peak in Gujarat. A sacred site...

Ran-ki-Vav – Patan

Ran-ki-Vav Ran-Ki-Vav: Stepwell Of The Gods It is one of India’s most exquisite monuments and it has survived only because it was buried under the...

Kanaiyalal Maneklal Munshi

KM Munshi KM Munshi: An Architect Of Modern India In the early 20th century, an epic trilogy on the Kingdom of Patan and its court drama...

Konark Sun Temple – Odisha’s

Konark Sun Temple Konark Sun Temple: Odisha’s Timeless Wonder It is very unusual for an entire temple to be built in the form of a grand,...