As Per Vedic Science The Universe Is Made Up Of 108 Elements


As Per Vedic Science The Universe Is Made Up Of 108 Elements

Cosmic Dance

Our eyes can see up to 3 dimensions. Power of 1= 1; Power of 2= 4; Power of 3= 27. And 1x4x27 = 108. This way our eyes perceive matter.

Shiva Purana accords 108 karanas in Tandava (Cosmic dance) as employed in Yoga, Kalaripayattu and Kung Fu.

Sri yantra, is made of Marmas which are intersection of three lines. There are 54 such intersections, each having masculine (Purusha) and feminine (Prakriti) qualities. Thus, there are 54×2=108 points. Sri yantra is made up of 54 pentagons and each angle of pentagon is 108 degrees.

The Atman or the human soul goes through 108 stages on its journey post death.

In Vedic astrology, there are 12 houses and 9 planets. 12 times 9 equals 108.

Tantra estimates, in 1 minute, a healthy human breathes 15 times, in 1 hour 900 times, and in 12 hours 10800 times. The average number of breaths per day is 21,600, of which 10,800 are solar energy, and 10,800 are lunar energy.

A Mala or Rosary, is a string of 108 beads.

There are 27 constellations in our galaxy, each one them has 4 directions, 27 x 4 = 108, which encompasses the whole galaxy.

54 letters in the Sanskrit alphabet. Each has masculine and feminine. 54 x 2 = 108.

Source : Facebook/Saubhaagya Apoorva Mishra

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