Ancient Temples Of Anjaneri Nashik


Ancient Temples Of Anjaneri Nashik

Anjaneri mountain

Anjaneri village is km away from Nashik to Jemtem. Anjaneri village, which reached the lap of Anjaneri mountain, is known as the birthplace of Hanuman. In this Anjaneri, 16 temples with a great example of Yadav period construction are scattered. Most of these temples are Jain and the remaining 4 are Hindu temples. Today, all these temples are mostly in Bhagwanastha. All these temples are from the Yadav period and were built in the 11th and 12th century.

Yadavs of Devgiri were not sovereign then. It was sometimes Rashtrakoot and sometimes the great death of the Chalukas. At that time, the capital of Yadavs was Sindinar near Nashik. So only one branch of Yadav was famous at Anjneri. One branch of Yadavs must be following Jain religion, so the number of Jain temples is high here. There are temples of different styles such as Nagar, Fansna and Bhumij. That’s why those who study temple style have Parvani here.

The feature here is that both the assembly and face mandap of some temples are equal. This separation is not seen anywhere else in Maharashtra. Eighth Jain Tirthankar Chandrabhu also has a statue. Also, Vishnu temple and other Hindu temples of number 8 among these were amazing.


This temple has idols like Narasimha, Vaman, Varaha incarnation and in some places Shiva, Brahma, Ganapati. Many Veergali, idols, sculptures are kept in front of the temple. Some of these are special. Anjaneri’s architectural features are that Jain and Hinduism were enjoying together here, it seems.

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