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Rayanna Was The Name Of A Great Dhangar

Great Dhangar

‘ Rayanna ‘ was the name of a great Dhangar who fought against the British for 6 years and left the British rule ‘ Salo ki Palo ‘ till the last moment of his life! The British were literally sleepless after Rayanna got the support of people and many villages for the non-cooperative movement against the British rule. Rayanna had also tried to get support from Portuguese (Goa), Kolhapur Institute to fight against British rule.
After seeing all this, the British announced many prizes, Amishe to catch Rayanna Nayak. As soon as he understood the British game, Rayanna opened a direct march against the British on 1 January 1829 along with his 300 partners and his army of Bichgutti village. On January 8, 1829, Khanapur military camp was attacked and the village’s chawdis were burnt. After seeing Rayanna’s Rudravatar, no one came forward to make him walk. After that, the money (tax) collected by the British was looted by attacking the markets in the villages of Kittur, Devarhalli, Khudanpur. Let’s walk, this time no one even took the name! Rayanna attacked Bidi Sampgaon taluka office and took over the British vault!

The British left to give the prize aside, Rayanna looted the treasures of the British government and distributed it among the public! British soldier camps were attacked heavily, the postal service going to Pune-Mumbai was stopped making it almost impossible for the British government to collect revenue coming from the south and send it to Mumbai! The Swarajya movement Rayanna made against the British rule (today’s) had reached some parts of Karnataka, Maharashtra, Goa and Andhra Pradesh. The British had also recorded the ‘work’ of this Swarajya Nayak of India in their records..
Rani Chennamma was the queen of Kittur kingdom between Dharwad and Belgaum. On December 5, 1824, the British hoisted the Union Jack by hoisting the flag of Swarajya at Kitturu Fort. Swabhimani Rani Chennamma calls out war against British. This is the war of Kittur. In this war, Rani Chennamma herself sat on a horse and fought with the British. Sangoli Rayanna was the chief commander of Rani Chennamma at this time! Sangoli Rayanna also did the bravery. But unfortunately Rani Chennamma was caught. Ryanna tried so hard to solve her. The Queen died on February 21, 1829 After that, however, Sangoli Rayanna brought Jerrys to the British with a guitar poetry..

Sangoli Rayanna set up an army from the poor, common people. Sangoli Rayanna encouraged the general public to rise up in such a way as attacks on government properties, looting British treasury, British willed Savkar and landlords robbing the poor. But mischief and betrayal are not new for India. British caught Sangoli Rayanna for betraying her own partner. A great warrior who sacrificed his life for freedom was arrested. When Sangoli Rayanna was hanged, his words were, ′′ It is my last wish to be born again on this land and to expell the British from this country!” Despite death seems to be in front of him, Sangoli Rayanna is really great Was a revolutionary. Rayanna was sentenced to death on December 16, 1830 Then, Rayanna was hanged at Nandgad in Khanapur taluka of Belgaum district. There is a tomb of Rayanna Nayak at Nandgad. People from different castes come from all over the country to visit and visit this tomb. A brave son like Rayanna should be born in our womb, by newly weds, as his symbol, they tie small cradles on a ward tree near the tomb!

Look at the coincidence of dates – this great revolutionary was born on August 15 and the date he was hanged at the age of 32 in 1830 was January 26! Today both of these days have unique importance..
Today is the memorial day of Sangoli Rayanna. Humble salute to this great revolutionary who fought till his last breath for Indian independence, irrespective of his life..

Source : Facebook/Ved Kumar

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